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Our Accounts Receivable Module

  • Detailed Open Item for commercial, Balance Forward for residential
  • Quick entry using flexible lookup methods including id, name, address, invoice number, ticket number, individual's name
  • Quick lookup of all A/R detail available at receipts entry
  • Summary of what the customer owes to all corporations, as well as what they owe a single corporation
  • Re-print a statement or invoice at any time; fax the copy to the customer without leaving your desk; soon to come...email the invoice or statement
  • Collection and problem notes at either the customer level or transaction level. Notes added during receipts posting or adjustments posting are available through accounts receivable inquiry; Notes Reminder dates remind you when to follow up with the customer
  • Give a credit to a customer who pays sales tax, and you get your sales tax credit back from the government
  • Detail collection analysis reports showing who owes based on age, amount and status; quickly identify those who may be getting service while owing you a bundle
  • Detailed procedure to manage service suspension processing which allows you collect your money faster
  • The real bums and all their detailed account information are turned over to your collection services in short order, which increases your chances of recovering funds
  • Refund check processing just part of the process, quick, easy and manageable; journals show the full details of who, when and why a customer received a refund
  • Pro-rated posting of start up charges available in both the residential and commercial systems
  • Our clients just do not have collection problems when they have taken advantage of our proven design to manage their receivables




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