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Our Dispatch Control

  • Our most recent and certainly our most sophisticated addition to the RMS System is Dispatch Control. This enhancement offers a central program for managing containers and truck assignments, enabling the operator to track and assign containers, make sure they get delivered and returned, and track and assign trucks from one location on the system. What can this key feature do for you?
  • For any six day period, you can see a chart of scheduled work by status, container and status, or route and status
  • See at a glance what is coming in, going out and how the work is distributed across available trucks and routes
  • Would you like to see who is delivering all of the 30-yard containers today? how many relocation requests are to be completed? how much work has been completed for the route today and up to the current minute? at the end of the day how much work must be rescheduled for the next day?
  • Keep your drivers on the road more and with less returns to the office to swap empty containers by matching no-returns with the deliveries
  • Work off the system or press a button to work off a papercopy of any route or even all of the work
  • Track the full site service history with our linked ticket capability
  • Select and view daily jobs by date, status, transaction number, route, zip code, container type or action (delivery, pickup no return, pickup return, relocate)
  • Utilize your containers more efficiently and avoid having to buy additional containers every year by using the system to pinpoint the location of each and every container you have
  • Our system of linking all sites to one customer master account helps you avoid giving service to customers who have an overdue balance
  • Use the individual tickets to track the containers being placed and removed, and their associated types, as well as assigning the waste type, disposal site, driver and vehicle
  • Increase revenue by maximizing the turns for each container; the system allows you to do this through the sophisticated feature of displaying the distribution of containers in inventory, committed, assigned, on hold and available to be delivered




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