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Our Expert Knowledge Base

  • Running simultaneously behind every module in our system is what we call the Expert Knowledge Base. No matter where you are working in the system, you have instant access to detailed system documentation as well as the combined knowledge of every person in your company.
  • On the documentation side, we provide you with error messaging, field, program, process and menu information. Whether you perform a task every day or only once a year, you will have the step by step procedure at your fingertips, ensuring consistent execution of every process.
  • You have the opportunity to use the expert knowledge for your own purposes as well. Management can set up information about company procedures and processes, then maintain it on an ongoing basis, reviewing and printing at will. No longer will your policies be a matter of hearsay; all employees will have access to clearly defined information about your company direction and mission.
  • In addition, your individual users can set up their own information about their particular responsibilities, and update it as often as necessary. No longer will you have to train a temp worker before your regular worker goes on vacation; all tasks will have corresponding documentation right on the system.
  • But perhaps most impressive of all is the ability to run key indicator reports, giving you the most up to date information to run your company. For instance, the system can be set to run reports of receivables and payables every night; when you come in the next morning, you have this critical financial information at your fingertips.
  • The Expert Knowledge Base gives you that final, crucial element that will enable you to run your company with the utmost efficiency and, even more important, ensure your profitability for now and the future.




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