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Progress Software Application Platform

The Progress Software Application Platform is the tool that allows our system to become future proof. With many of our competitors' products, every time you want to extend the system, you need to buy a new and different product from a different vendor. With our system you only deal with one vendor, TMS Solutions, Ltd, who also happens to be the creator of the system.

With Progress, we can extend your system from within the walls of your current office to global coverage, if necessary. It provides user interfaces in character (our favorite), GUI and browser formats. It offers a sophisticated Internet messaging system, SonicMQ, to extend control of your information system from distinct separate offices to a side area database that can extend across the country.

Every receipt journal posted can be recorded on your corporate database at day's end, no matter where it might originate. Every adjustment over $1,000 can be noted at the manager's level and reported to corporate headers for review. Every shop order costing more than $5,000 can be identified in detail at month end by an administrator reviewing repair cost, not locally but at headquarters. It allows management to build and schedule key indicator reports so that when the CEO comes in each morning, he/she knows exactly where every division stands in terms of profitability. Future-proofing by Progress does not extend only to our application, but to your data as well.

Unix Operating System

Unix and its system utilities provided the platform for the Internet; it runs the information system of major corporations in this country and continually out-performs NT in reliability and services hours without downtime. Now with the introduction of Lynx, you have that all-important GUI interface to make life easier for some. We simply want to install server support systems that will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unix is the only operating system that offers that security.

Double Vision

We have a small support staff and there are a few good reasons why. First, our software is extremely reliable and designed with strong user interfaces to stop erroneous data from being entered. Second, we can support our customers no matter where they are. DoubleVision is the tool that allows us to do great things with a small staff.

Using DoubleVision, we can attach to any user session through the Unix server. We can then watch the keystrokes and actions taken by the operator. Thus we can correct and train your users where they may be having problems. Likewise, if your organization is large and has its own MIS staff, wouldn't you like to improve the performance of your Help Desk with a tool like this? We can do in a few minutes what our competitors can do only with an on-site visit.


Every system needs a good backup utility, preferably one that will run and complete the backup process on its own and notify the administrator that it was successful or had a problem. With Lone-tar, we offer just that type of reliable backup system. How often do you back up your data now: once a week, once a month, and do you have to pay someone overtime to get it done or hang around yourself?

With Lone-tar, those days are over. Just load the tape each morning and Lone-tar will take care of the rest that night. If you forget to switch tapes, no problem; Lone-tar will still back the system up and notify you that it had to use the previous night's tape. By "tape" you are probably assuming they are the 5" by 8" cartridges. We use a more reliable tape that is only 2" by 3.5" and about a quarter of an inch in depth. Easy to handle and store and it holds up to 24 GB of data compressed.

And you will now have a complete backup every night, and every file backed up is also verified. With this procedure, if there is a problem with your tape, you know about it the next morning, not when you have to restore that file. We recommend that our customers back up their systems every night. We also recommend that you use a different tape for each day of the week, and an additional tape for each month end date. This is extremely cheap insurance to protect your most precious asset, your customer and vendor data.

A truck gets taken off the road and repaired when something breaks, but your information system must be up and running as close to 100% of the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. How does your current procedure compare to ours? We simply will not take chances with your business.




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