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General Ledger Module

  • Manage up to 10,000 combined corporations and divisions
  • Structured to allow you to track revenue and cost down to the truck level
  • Includes 4 standard columnar formats plus offers up to 100 column spreadsheet format for export to popular spreadsheets such as Excel and Lotus
  • Powerful line entry design of balance sheet and income statement detail which will save time and offer flexibility not found in off-the-shelf software
  • Group report design tool allows any operator to fill in the blanks and get the same set of reports in the same format each month
  • Interfaced with Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Accounts/Receivable, Residential, Commercial, Waste Disposal, Inventory and Shop Management modules; you create your journals once and they are in the General Ledger
  • General journal templates for quick entry of repetitive journals
  • Quick generation of reversing journals
  • Ability to leave as many previous periods open as is necessary and, if necessary, to reopen previous periods
  • Completely journalized system with clear links back to all detail generating the journals; many journals offer drill down capabilities from within the general journal detail




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