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Our Shop Operation Module

  • Designed to track both detailed work orders and preventive maintenance orders
  • Equipment odometers, run-time clocks and service dates used to track and plan repairs and preventive maintenance
  • Lines using easy coding to allocate the line expense to the appropriate cost account by shop administration; standard line types include stocked part, non-stock part, labor and outside service; you can add your own line types
  • Labor can be tracked by the start/end time or number of hours; SRT hours can be set up by task assigned
  • Notes can be attached to each line providing additional explanation of installation instructions or of complications that extend the repair process; standard installation instructions can be loaded automatically from inventory based on note type codes
  • A job can be tracked over time by the entry of the date against each labor line allowing a better analysis of cost and repair time requirements
  • Preplanned repairs can be created with a quote for the full cost of repairs and labor; the mechanic is provided with a roap map through the details of the work where necessary
  • If you provide services to customers other than your own operation, a full invoice processing submodule can be used to bill your outside customers based on your pricing rather than cost
  • Each mechanic can be set up with individual labor repair rates per hour based on both cost and service price
  • Full detailed history of repairs by vehicle by shop order by item or labor line; detail can be retrieved by item number, material type, employee, vehicle, date range or shop order




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